Synthetic THC Diet and Exercise =Energy


The success of my recovery from eight years of treat for cancer, heart disease, and a stroke, lies in thc, the drug dronabinol, diet, increasing mobility through taking the drug, getting symptom relief, and being able to enjoy a nourishing diet, leading to energy and exercise.

My life on prescription drugs to treat my diseases lead me into a dark corner where my view of what I could do each day was restricted by pain, nausea, and fatigue. Following my initial cancer diagnosis I underwent bilateral mastectomies with bilateral en bloc dissections of my axillae. Over the course of one year my chest wall was subject to three surgeries involving the dermis, muscle, blood vessels, nerves, glands, and connective tissue on my chest wall. My entire anterior chest wall and axilla remained numb for eight years. I still have no sensation in my axillae but my chest wall feels alive.Something I never thought would happen

Eight years ago after surgery, I had no breasts. Just two silicone implants secured to my body by a thin layer of skin, pared off my cancerous breast tissue. I felt like a denuded female. My breasts were a perfect 34C and because I never had a child they were still perky. Over my lifetime they had always provoked more interest than my face, or my brain. Their absence made for an interesting change of perception by me and others who intimately shared my world.

The hardest thing to handle was that the implants always ran at a different temperature to the rest of my body. If the temperature was a little cool, they became very cold against my chest wall. If it was a hot day, they heated up and caused me extreme discomfort. Now through diet and exercise my breast tissue has returned with its blood supply and innervation. It makes me feel like I really have breasts again.

Since I have been taking synthetic THC as dronabinol, I finally been able to regain an interest in food and an appetite.As a result something amazing has begun to happen to my body. My extremities that felt dead for the longest time after chemotherapy and radiation, now feel warm. If I do get extreme, quick, temperature changes to my body, my circulation is brisk enough to return my entire body temperature to normal in less than ten minutes. If I exercise and get winded, I can breathe easy within ten minutes.

Through immersing myself in the subject of nutrition, not just current trends, but also looking back a hundred years or longer and seeing how earlier generations used diet and nutrition to stay healthy I have successfully mapped a path to good health. Imagine, three cups of tea can give you one tenth your daily required amount of flavonoids! One pear can supply 20% of your vitamin C needs for the day. I have taken this information and incorporated it into my diet. Slowly I have increased my intake to a healthy quantity of food to not just keep my body alive, but also to give it energy and the ability to regenerate.


Last month I got my bloodwork results back from April Labs. Every one of my white cells has improved in number. That means that my immune system is back on track from this amazing diet and exercise. The rest of my bloodwork showed marked improvement with mean platelet level being the only lagging index right now. My hemoglobin has run around eleven since the chemotherapy and radiation. Now it is over fifteen plus. Meaning there are more red cells to carry oxygen throughout my body. That in turn, gives me strength and energy to carry out my activities of daily living and that is important.
Back in 2012 I went into Hospice status three times over the course of the year because of dehydration and malnutrition through severe chemotherapy and radiation induced anorexia. It was impossible to get excited about food with I was suffering from twenty-four hours a day ‘morning sickness’ from my treatment.

Thankfully Dronabinol changed all that for me. Now it is a joy to plan our meals. We go shopping for fresh fruit and vegetables We buy eight pounds of oranges, eight pounds of mandarins, five cucumbers, seven pounds of tomatoes, at least seven sweet potatoes,four pounds of grapes one whole celery and tons of other healthy goodies every week, to get the motors going. We grow tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers through the summer. Thanks to dronabinol my appetite is back!

For the first time in my retirement I am able to spend time being a housewife. It is a joy to wake up in the morning and feel energetic and to have a plan. I set aside designated days for certain chores. Monday is wash day. Tuesday baking day. Wednesday house cleaning and Thursday shopping day. It was not that long ago when I was too weak to walk around the supermarket. Now I can manage two shopping trips in one day. It will be a while before I am able to keep going like I used. Swimming at the Vidant Wellness Center and doing gym work and extreme stretching is also bringing life back into my body every time I do it. I feel confident that in another twelve months I will have a lot more stamina.

Incorporating gardening and writing into my day helps me to relax, think and learn. Gardening feeds my soul and brings me joy with each new bud or blossom. My blog makes me concentrate and think analytically. It opens up pathways of my brain that had quietly gone to sleep. The curiosity of learning new skills and conquering the nuances of computer programming and web development has taken me from my origins of communicating with a pen and inkwell, to a world of code and widgets.

At seventy-three I now understand that a healthy body requires the fuel of a balanced nutritious diet and exercise, both through the every other day gym sessions, and increasing my daily activity by doing housework and gardening.

On a final note. The past couple of weeks I have begun to get at least seven hours sleep a night. This is more than I have gotten ant any time of my life since fifteen years of age. This has lead to a more calm and rational mindset as each night my brain switches off and gives me a few hours of quality sleep making me feel alert and keen when I wake up in the morning.

Synthetic THC has changed my life from moribund to super active. For my age I am enjoying life and the blessings of my cancer cure so much more than when I was wracked with pain and feeling sick. It is a miracle that my Oncologist convinced me to try something I once perceived to be dangerous for my body but proved to be more beneficial than any other drug I have ever been prescribed. You could say I am a born again ‘pot advocate’ because for medicinal purposes, my experiences have proved that it is good for me.Proposition 420!! Bring it on and let everyone feel as good as I right now. Have a wonderful day!

Synthetic thc diet = exercise

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