How Grief is Affecting My Assimilation of Synthetic THC

For over a year I have been extolling the nausea and pain relief benefits of  using THC I get for up to sixteen hours every day. As a result I have been rediscovering my capacity to enjoy life. I have been getting more and more energy as each day has make my pain -free state and lack of nausea, has allowed me to live a normal life again.With life comes death. Two days ago we took our twenty year old kittie, Star, to the Animal Clinic and ended his suffering. The utter pain of saying goodbye to my dearest friend was devastating and I felt more emotional than I had felt over any previous death I have experienced.

The strange experience I had was that I did not get any of the usual effects of my daily dose of Dronabinol. No tingling of my tongue, cheeks and lips that usually precedes my easing of nausea symptoms, and pain relief. I had none of those. Nor did I get any pain relief whatsoever. I felt an intense emotional reaction. Larry and I both felt  as though we had been repeatedly punched in the gut. We had a long and very emotionally painful day.

To make it worse I just did not get any relief from my Dronabinol. Now today everything is back to normal. Tingling and pain and nausea relief and lots of energy for our Zumba class with Yari. This drug never ceases to surprise me in the way it affects my body. It certainly seems more synergistic to my body than most chemicals that have interacted with me over the years. My experience is showing me that my body is less impaired on Dronabinol, than under the influence of a couple of Martinis, or ten milligrams of oxycodone. My freedom from  nausea and pain is total for up to sixteen hours a day. No other drug has ever achieved that degree of success.

I feel so blessed to be in this place and have my particular Oncologist decide to try this drug on me to help relieve my symptoms. Nothing has ever worked better..It would really benefit a world of people who suffer the misery of nausea and pain. If only THC did not have two definitive effects..recreational relief of stress, and by contrast, the medicinal  benefits of nausea, and pain relief .
Going through this journey I believe that researching the areas of the brain that Dronabinol works on and produces this degree of wellness, should be an international priority. 
In just three months, I have gone from strength to strength because Dronabinol allows me to live with the freedom to get the most out of life, and I have a feeling it has only just begun!

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