Taking Back My Life With Synthetic THC Dronabinol

Thanks for joining me!

To walk among the stars you must first walk among the coals – Pamela

IMG_20180430_090018.jpgA rainy, humid, Saturday and sunless morning. I dressed came downstairs and turned on every light..That felt good. Our back yard overlooking the glen is perfectly beautiful today. The green foliage is glistening with raindrops and the elm,ginko,maple, and mahogany limbs are drooping to embrace the rain.
My front garden is thriving in this weather. Seeds became seedlings overnight and already I am getting the buds on my little annual dahlias..The next show of roses won’t be many weeks away..something to look forward to! Rain may be an inconvenience for some people but it doesn’t bother the birds that flock to our food scattered on the ground and the squirrels that leap from limb to limb and scuttle down wet tree trunks and scurry to their breakfast. The weather is not a factor in the mating game for animals either.In spring I used to love to see the lovers in the park next to the Children’s Hospital hospital on my way home in the afternoons..Now I watch courtship in the animal kingdom.. Just baked some greek goodies and sweet potatoes before the heat of day.. The smells..the view,,Life is good..Happy Saturday everyone!!

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