Synthetic THC a Powerful Agent for Change in Drug Therapy

Synthetic THC a Powerful Agent for Change in Drug Therapy

Most of my life has been influenced by experience and by powerful influencers. I think that in the scheme of things, one of the most powerful influencer of my life affected my view on the the use of recreational drugs from  age  twelve years.

I, along with my eleven classmates were shown a movie called ‘Reefer Madness’ as part of our curriculum.The movie achieved great power and influence and had left a lasting imprint on my psyche.The unhinged and psychotic behavior of the poor character afflicted by smoking a  joint, did almost irreversible damage to my perception of Cannabis. My receptiveness to the possibility of its use being unleashed and unchecked by law, gave me great pause indeed.

So it with a contrite soul that I write this post in order to try and clear up a few myths that I  now, from a personal standpoint have shattered.

Since the road to my decade of serious and at times, life-threatening health issues has been littered with failure of prescription medications including Hydrocodone and Benzodiazepines, to ease my suffering. In desperation my Oncologist suggested using Synthetic Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), to reverse my ‘failure the thrive’ diagnosis.

I was not eager to make the switch. My belief that this drug was the mother of all ‘narcotics’. My idea of it destroying  brain cells and making those who partook of it, end up with issues with organization and priorities. That perception really colored my thoughts in making a decision.  I was therapeutically at the end of the road and ready to die. In fact because of the degree of nausea I suffered was so great I had begun to die from starvation. If my doctor had not recognised the warning signs and used her background in homeopathic medicine to treat my condition with  Government approved synthetic THC, I would not be here writing this post.

With the only prior knowledge of this drug being as a nurse back in Australia, administering it with success, to aids victims who were suffering the the same intractable symptom of unsustainable nausea, I took a leap of faith and began this new and unique treatment.

My life and good fortune has been to be in the right place at the most opportune moment to benefit my health. I am a success story that should inspire others whose thinking may have considered that THC was just a recreational drug used to ‘get high’.

My lifelong perception has been forever replaced with the medicinal benefits  using THC to eliminate nausea and pain, along with other unexpected fringe benefits including reducing my depression and allowing me to withdraw from a fifteen year dependence on benzodiazepines.


Caveat:The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are my own. I am not responsible for any misconception that you may arrive at from my articles. I write to inform through a diary based account of how Dronabinol affects me and nobody else.

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