From Invalid to Active Elder Person

After five years of suicidal pain, I first found found 18 hours of total relief from Medicinal or synthetic THC. Then two months ago, after two and a half years of taking seven and a half milligrams of dronabinol (synthetic thc), my doctor increased my dose so I now take an extra capsule a day and dose every eight hours.
My cancer is cured, and now I am controlling my cancer treatment related pain nausea and anorexia. My organ pain in my pancreas caused by chronic pancreatitis,pancreatitis caused by the chemotherapy agent, Taxol. My nerve pain with neuropathies neuropathy of both my feet, and jaw pain from Zometa, a bisulphate designed to improve bone loss, Arimidex and Taxol. Finally, Bone pain caused by a sneeze that blew out my complete lumbar vertebrae and left me with impingements throughout the facet joints in my lumbar spine.My spine, along with my entire skeletal system has been affected by Taxol, radiation, bisulphates, and Arimidex, a steroid used by wrestlers to bulk up without the breast formation used for estrogen therapy.

The pain would never have been in my body if I had decided not to go ahead with treatment when my breast cancer (stage two, diagnosed in 2008) progressed to metastases involving my mediastinum four years later. My chances of survival were very slim but at age sixty seven, I took the gamble. It paid off with the cure. The cost to my body from using those drugs would stop me from making that decision again.

I went the pain clinic route during 2012 and acquired an addiction to hydrocodone caused by the doctors managing my pain by increasing my opiate dose.I found that the opiate route was messing up my life. Making me more debilitated and unable to function on so many levels. I attempted to get a supervised withdrawal program from the doctors in the pain clinic, who had prescribed the high daily dose of 60 mgs.They denied me any assistance saying withdrawal was impossible given my situation and at my age of seventy!

Taking that situation into my own hands I went from 60 mgs of hydrocodone to zero in just three weeks..then I landed myself in the Behavioral Health Unit to get over the adverse effects of my doctor induced opiate addiction!! Nothing left and no place for me to go. No more treatment available to me not even the prospect of surgery..I had tried that earlier without success. My diastolic heart failure and 13 year benzodiazepine usage made my body unable to endure the stress of surgery.

My failing health primarily, because of my malnutrition caused by the misery of chemotherapy induced nausea and anorexia lead to my inability to thrive.
Two years ago my debilitated state of health prompted my Oncologist to intervene. she prescribed synthetic THC and my life was transformed.I did not get immediate relief, but within a month I found myself nausea-free for around 8 – 10 hours every day.

After a week I found my body pain free within an hour. I remained that way for 18 hours. I kept to the same dose, 7;5 mgs/day. I used to take the total daily dose at six in the morning and that provided me with total pain relief until around midnight. Six hours of suffering was the price I paid for eighteen hours of peace.

One week ago, my enlightened health team increased my dose by 2.5mgs to give me the 24/7 cover and it has been brilliant. I am finally symptom free and regaining strength through diet and exercise in a way I never thought possible before I feel so healthy. I am cured of cancer,and now that synthetic THC has taken control of my nausea and anorexia, and pain, and all the ghastly side effects of the treatment that cured my cancer I feel well and happy. No longer am I suffering horrible pain and feeling sick all the time. I am symptom free well and so much happier and active than I have since my initial diagnosis of cancer in 2008..Life interrupted for a decade..but lookout I come!

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